My customers are mostly international schools that want to offer their students outdoor experiences

My customers are mostly international schools that want to offer their students outdoor experiences

In addition, in proceedings in which legal aid has been granted, the state takes on additional legal costs in addition to the lawyers’ fees. This could be compensation for witnesses or expert fees. How high these expenses were, however, cannot be unraveled, said a ministry spokesman.

Anyone who, as a party in a legal dispute, cannot raise the necessary money for a lawsuit at all, only partially or only in installments, can receive legal aid. Support is only granted if there is a sufficient chance of success in the matter and if it does not appear willful, as stipulated in the code of civil procedure.

According to the Federal Ministry of Justice, the regulation is intended to ensure that all citizens have access to justice – regardless of their wealth. However, legal aid does not cover all costs that may arise. As a rule, the unsuccessful side in court proceedings must reimburse the opponent’s legal fees, even if legal aid has been approved.

Even in the Corona period: After a cancellation, a tour operator must reimburse the travel price within two weeks. A man had sued the district court in Frankfurt because his organizer canceled a package tour to Spain before the start of the corona pandemic, but only issued vouchers as repayment. As the district court announced on Wednesday, the man then sued for the repayment of the costs of more than 2300 euros (file number: 32 C 2620/20 (18)).

The Frankfurt-based tour operator wanted to refund the money, but neither wanted to pay interest on arrears nor the legal fees incurred by the plaintiff before the trial. The organizer was not in default of payment, it was said to justify. In particular because of « unforeseeable liquidity problems and unmanageable organizational needs », the repayment was not possible.

The district court has now determined that the plaintiff is entitled to interest on arrears and legal fees in addition to the repayment of the travel price. According to national and European law, the organizer is automatically in default of payment if the two-week period is exceeded, inform the court. The voucher offer or the corona pandemic will not change anything. The judgment is final.

A dream coastline, top waves for beginners: a travel agency is now offering surf safaris to North Korea. Surf rider Nik Zanella has already tried it. But – is it allowed to go on vacation in a dictatorship?

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SPIEGEL ONLINE: Mr. Zanella, you have just returned from your very first surf trip to North Korea. How was it?

Zanella: Great. We were traveling with eight men, all of them people eager to take a historic trip.argumentative essay about community We were blown away by the beauty of North Korea. The coast, the beaches, the forests and lakes: this is pure nature, no plastic waste, no butts.

How did you come up with the idea that North Korea was good for surfing?

I’ve been working in China as a surf scout and instructor since 2010. My customers are mostly international schools that want to offer their students outdoor experiences. In search of new surf spots, I look at many satellite images, study coastlines and maps of Asia. And at some point I noticed that there should be ideal conditions for surfing on the east coast of North Korea near Hamhung.

So, were you right?

I had hoped that we would catch a summer typhoon over Japan and that the swell would be correspondingly high. Then we had bad luck, the waves were only about three feet high. On the other hand, that was just right for our students.

Did you teach the North Koreans to surf?

Some, yes. Strictly speaking, our drivers, our government-appointed supervisors and three employees of the local hotel. At the beginning everyone was very hesitant, but in the end we hardly got them out of the water. They wanted out at 6 a.m. so as not to miss a wave.

There is a shortage economy in North Korea. How did you look after yourself?

We came with six boards and plenty of wetsuits, everything else was there. North Korea is slowly opening up, for example there are several Italian restaurants in Pyongyang. A middle class is growing up who want to take a beach vacation. Tourists from China are also increasingly coming to the country. So there is a tourist infrastructure. In our hotel on the coast we were served fresh seafood and grilled meat, beer and rice wine on the beach.

Do you think it is justifiable to take a vacation in a country whose regime oppresses its citizens, where people are starving?

I don’t think it’s wrong to go to North Korea. If you want to change the world, you have to do it step by step and also question your own prejudices. If I show up somewhere, that changes something. I was walking across the street in North Korea with a surfboard under my arm and a soldier with his assault rifle looked at me and then smiled. Something good has already happened.

You say you had guardians with you. Have you restricted your range of motion?

We didn’t feel the pressure of the Hermit State. In around ten percent of the cases, our companions asked us not to photograph certain subjects, although we often did not understand why. Otherwise we had no problems. But I also don’t go to North Korea as a tourist to bring up unpleasant topics.

So you don’t have a guilty conscience?

No. I read a lot about the country before our departure, I am aware of what is going on there. But I haven’t done anything bad. I’ve brought joy to some people. We left our boards and hope that the three hotel employees will practice hard. Maybe one day they can become North Korea’s first surf instructors.

What was the best moment of the trip?

One day just before the end of our week on site, I paddled a long way out with a buddy to catch a few bigger waves. When we looked at the beach from afar, we saw how the Koreans romped around in the waves and had fun without us. Some could get up and actually finish a wave. That was a vision of things that hopefully will come. I would be delighted if the beach in North Korea became a source of vitality for both locals and tourists.

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To person

The Italian Nik Zanella, 47, has lived on the Chinese tropical island of Hainan since 2010, from where he works as a surf scout and instructor. While looking for new surf spots he found what he was looking for for the American tour operator Uri Tours in North Korea.

In Hesse, a farmer strewed a swastika on his field with dung. A passer-by alerted the police.

A farmer in Hessen has strewed a swastika on his field with dung. A passer-by noticed the unconstitutional symbol and she alerted the police, the officials said. The incident occurred last Friday in Kirtorf in the Vogelsberg district.

Manufacturer promises clarification: Böller packaging with Nazi symbol surfaced Rethinking at the USK: Authority loosens swastika ban in video games

On the spot, the police discovered that the 56-year-old owner of the field had applied the swastika himself. He had to make it unrecognizable again in the presence of the officials, and a complaint was filed against the farmer.

Sources used: AFP news agency

Did he want to surf? A shark traveled a short distance on a young man’s surfboard in front of the world-famous Bondi Beach in Australia, before diving under a second surfboard with an elegant downturn and fleeing.

As the lifeguard station announced on Facebook, it was a « small » shark about two meters long.

Surfboard owner Dean Norbun later told the radio station 2GB that he initially mistook the passenger for a playful seal who had gone on board while surfing. Noburn took the incident calmly and spoke of a « warning » that there were sharks in the waters.

When the wind is really whistling and the waves are piling up gray-blue, then it is the favorite time of surfers and those who want to learn it. We present five places where surfers with thick wetsuits and boards under their feet ride straight into happiness. See some impressions in our photo show.

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Wave guarantee with dolce vita atmosphere in Sardinia

Constant waves and pleasant temperatures have made the west coast of Sardinia a hotspot for surf fans in recent years. In the « Sherden Surf House » surfers and those who want to become one can enjoy the fascination of the waves. And that with a local feeling, because not many tourists come to the Italian island in the autumn and winter months. A one-week stay in Tergu, north of Sassari, costs from 360 euros per person in a double room with breakfast and surf lessons. Use of the solarium, swimming pool and pizza oven is included in the price, as is the use of the skateboards.

Surf and yoga fun in the Algarve

The accommodations of « The Surf Experience » are located near Lagos. Whether luxurious in the Vila Caterina or as a self-catering in the Apartments Luz a few minutes from the beach, everyone can learn to surf here or just go with the board and chat over the waves with like-minded people in the evening while eating together. From 588 euros per week there is full board, accommodation in the Vila Caterina with swimming pool, surfing lessons, material and a yoga class. Other activities such as climbing courses or additional yoga lessons can be booked on site.

Surfing, climbing and boarding in Lourinha

The newly built « Drop In Resort » is located about 60 kilometers north of Lisbon. There, sports enthusiasts will also find numerous offers away from the sea. For example, in the largest skate park in the region or paragliding, wakeboarding and mountain biking. And if you are still not tired, you can go on the in-house trampoline or seek peace and quiet with yoga. As a self-catering you pay from 450 euros for one week of accommodation including a five-day surf course. Numerous extras and activities can be booked on site.

Surf and learn Spanish in Fuerteventura

On Corralejo Beach, surfers can get a little bit of everything if they want. In addition to combination packages of Spanish, surfing and accommodation, courses in stand-up paddling or yoga can also be booked. Material is provided for the duration of the lesson and also after the lesson by arrangement. Accommodation is in a spacious villa overlooking the sea. The self-catering Spanish and surfing package in Casa Carmen starts at 495 euros.

Autumn and winter surfing on the warm coast of Andalusia

The « La Luz Lodge » in El Palmar was founded by two Eisbach surfers from Munich and offers surf courses for beginners and advanced surfers throughout the year. Because there are surfable waves on the relatively quiet beaches around El Palmar on up to 70 percent of autumn and winter days and the temperatures rarely go below 18 degrees, winter-weary water rats will find their paradise here. Double rooms can be booked per person from 590 euros per week with meals. This includes extensive surf lessons over five days, surf equipment and use of the camp facilities.

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Further information:

Sardinia: Sherden SRL, Vicolo die Benedettini, 1, 07030 Tergu (Sassari), Italy, Tel: 0039/393/8660551 Portugal: The Surf Experience, Vila Catarina – Funchal, 8600-310 Lagos, Algarve, Tel . 00351/282/760964,; Drop In Surfcamp, Messerschmidt, Lda., Rua Dr José Carvalho no 37, 2530-151 Lourinha, Portugal, Tel. 00351/261/438042, Fuerteventura: Spanish and Surf School, Calle lago de bristol, 4 – villa 1, 35660 Corralejo, Las Palmas, Spain, Tel. 0034/615/446856, Andalusia: La Luz Lodge, Tom Mayr, Apartado No. 117 AP, 11140 Conil, Spain, Tel. 0034/620/779844,

Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund suffered a narrow defeat at the end of their summer tour in the USA. The team of coach Lucien Favre lost on Wednesday (local time) against Benfica Lisbon despite a two-goal lead in the end with 3: 4 on penalties. Eduardo Salvio converted the decisive penalty for the Portuguese in front of a little more than 16,000 spectators at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh in the US state of Pennsylvania. At the end of regular time, the score between the two top European teams was 2: 2 (2: 0).

At the third and last International Champions Cup appearance of BVB, the 24-year-old Maximilian Philipp (20th minute / 22nd minute) gave Dortmund the lead with a double. After the break, the Portuguese record champions fought their way back into the game with goals from André Almeida (51st) and Alfa Semedo (66th). There is no extension of the International Champions Cup.

Dortmund said goodbye to the USA with two wins and one defeat. With seven points from three games, BVB is currently at the top of the table for the preparatory tournament. For the defeat on penalties, Borussia received one point. At the start of the Bundesliga season on August 25, Dortmund will receive RB Leipzig.

A man with a large knife caused excitement and a police operation on a ferry from Rönne (Denmark) to Sassnitz-Mukran on Thursday. As a spokeswoman for the federal police said, the 33-year-old was fiddling with the 30 centimeter hunting knife on board and near the lifeboats. The captain alerted the police and had the crew take the man aside.